Our Story

Alio Health started by providing health care services to patients needing medication administration and educational support in the comfort of their home. It was during this time we realized that our passion was in the enhancement of the patient's experience throughout their treatment journey.

We asked ourselves, “How can we make a positive difference in someone's life?” This question now drives and inspires us each and every day.

At the core of a strong team are a set of strong shared values. Alio Health operates around values we believe help us build the best experience for patients, clients and the health care industry as a whole.

Together, we are innovating patient care and impacting the lives of people every day.

Our Reach

The Alio Health main office is located in Ottawa and our large, continually expanding network of HealthCare Professionals provide services across the country.

Our national HealthCare Professionals coverage:

Our Culture

Our culture grows out of the values and character of our dedicated professional team. Our values and ethos shape the way we conduct our work and how we treat each other and those we connect with daily. We've assembled an incredibly talented, diverse, and spirited team that impact the lives of people every day. Our employees enjoy access to the best tools available, an open and collaborative work environment, and end each day knowing that they've made a positive impact.

Our Values

Together, we are innovating patient care

We provide services, create products and make decisions every day around our values. They drive us.

Empower: Make heroes by unleashing greatness in others.

Start with why: Understand the customers’ needs. Substantiate assumptions with data.

Create experiences: Inspire confidence and awe in every interaction with Alio Health.

Be thoughtful: Always conduct oneself in an honest, direct and transparent way.

Be passionate: Embrace your passion. Then your passion can enrich the lives of others.

Think forward: Anticipate where we’re going and invest in consistent customer experiences as we grow.

Wear the customer's shoes: Solve problems and react from the perspective of the customer's experience.

Be adaptable: Recognize patterns and adjust where necessary.