Enhancing the patient experience

Customizable patient programs that support patients through their treatment journey

Patient Programs

Alio Health Patient Support Programs (PSP) help patients quickly access their medication, comply with dosing regimens, and achieve the desired treatment outcome by keeping all the treatment stakeholders aligned and informed, including the patient’s physician.

Patient Adherence Programs

According to the World Health Organization, in developed countries only 50% of patients who suffer from chronic diseases adhere to treatment recommendations.

Adherence to the prescribed medication schedule is extremely important in helping the patient achieve a positive treatment outcome. Our Stay on Therapy program helps patients be in control of their treatment, by instilling a sense of accountability and by providing guidance to enhance the overall experience. We believe that patient empowerment through holistic disease management and patient-centric services is the future of adherence programs.

At Alio Health we invest time to understand the patient journey, to gain a comprehensive view of patients experiencing a specific disease from a current and a historic perspective.

The Alio Health Stay on Therapy program helps patients comply with their prescribed treatment by offering:

  • Dedicated Care Coordinators to facilitate prescription and reimbursement paper work completion for medication and refills
  • Calls, emails and SMS to remind patients of:
    • physician visits
    • medication refills
    • time for next dose
  • Valuable educational information on their disease, required treatment and any life style modification prescribed.

Patient Affordability Programs

The high cost of some specialty medications can prevent patients from proceeding with their treatment. Alio Health’s Patient Affordability Programs guide patients and healthcare providers through the process of healthcare insurance and reimbursement to ensure that patients have access to the medication they need. We work with pharmaceutical companies to design and administer custom co-pay programs for patients that have limited resources. Our friendly and professional staff supports patients and physicians throughout the process, and provide a positive customer experience.

Patient Education Programs

Educating a patient or caregiver about their disease, the medication and its administration, or any lifestyle modifications can go a long way to creating a positive patient experience. Alio Health’s Patient Education Programs provide patients with qualified nurses and trained educators to support the patient throughout the treatment phases, aiding in their adherence to the prescribed medication. Each program is tailored to the specific requirements of the medication.

Patient Screening Programs

Silent diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes and hypertension can be difficult to identify. Alio Health’s Patient Screening Programs provide patients with a quick and convenient means to test for these diseases. Tests can be performed at physician clinics, patient homes or as part of a sponsored event. Once the test has been performed, the results are sent to the patient's physician for follow up.

Pre-Treatment Test Programs

Drugs that require lab work to be performed prior to administration can delay the start of therapy and complicate the patient’s treatment journey. Alio Health's Pre-Treatment Test Programs facilitate the coordination and processing of the required lab tests by providing home specimen collection and lab delivery options that expedite physician access to the results. This helps patients start their medication treatment as quickly as possible.

Program Material Distribution

Medication administration kits and educational materials are important tools that help the patient to better understand their disease and the treatment prescribed. Alio Health’s unique kit assembly and distribution systems were created to ensure patients and caregivers get their materials when they need them. We work with clients to develop the most efficient and cost effective way to package and deliver their materials.

Program material assembly and distribution services:

  • Patient kits with education material
  • Patient screening kits
  • Pre-treatment test kits
  • Infusion kits
  • Specimen kits

Centralized Invoicing

Alio Health's centralized invoicing service was designed for PSPs that include multiple vendors providing various services in many locations. Our centralized invoicing allows our clients greater insight and financial control of invoices for all program partners throughout the program's lifecycle. Alio Health's invoicing management system reviews, verifies, consolidates and pays invoices from all vendors in one centralized program.

Real World Evidence

Real World Evidence (RWE) is the clinical evidence concerning the usage, benefits and risks of marketed pharmaceutical products in clinical practice. RWE is derived from an analysis of Real World Data assembled about a product’s use in the “real world”, collected outside the controls and limitations of conventional randomized clinical trials. RWE fulfills the need for broader information on real-world effectiveness and safety that will impact the reimbursement and utilization of new medications as driven by regulators, public and private payers, prescribers and manufacturers.

Data about real-world patient experience has the potential to improve the quality and delivery of medical care, reduce overall costs and improve outcomes. These data help fill the knowledge gap between clinical trials and actual clinical practice.

In partnership with Allphase Clinical Research Inc. (www.allphaseclinical.com), a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that has been designing, implementing and managing Phase IV post-marketing surveillance studies since 2001, Alio Health offers custom-designed and insightful qualitative and quantitative Real World Evidence (RWE) data collection as part of our patient programs.

A more comprehensive article on RWE can be found here

Quality Control

Alio Health operates according to a robust set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) governed by our comprehensive Quality Management System. Our quality control policies and processes consistently deliver excellent results when external audits or supplier quality assessments are conducted.

Patient Support Programs have strict regulations when it comes to the application of Health Authorities’ required drug safety protocols. Alio Health's quality control measures ensure all Adverse Events and Product Quality Complaints are captured, reported, tracked and reconciled within reporting timelines.

All employees go through extensive training before being assigned to any Program. Our training software notifies employees of any SOP updates or training that they need, and tracks its completion.


The Alio Health's HOME™ system is a fully customizable software tool that was developed specifically for the management of Patient Support Programs. Keeping all stakeholders informed and aligned, speeding the delivery of services, transparent monitoring of patient’s progress, and the timely submission of patient reports, are the cornerstones of the HOME™ system. Enhancing communication among the entire circle of care not only improves the patient's experience, it allows administrators the ability to better manage the patient's treatment journey, and the healthcare professionals who are providing services.

Selected highlights of the HOME™ system:

  • Unprecedented transparency and reporting capabilities
  • Automated workflows
  • Dynamic forms and data collection
  • Enhanced circle of care communications
  • Customized and automated reporting capabilities
  • Consolidation of patient's treatment journey
  • Automated resource management
  • Learning Management System

Our HOME™ system is a licensable product that can vastly improve pharmaceutical and home care/PSP provider efficiency. Contact us to learn more about HOME™

Treatment Administration Programs

Injection or IV infusion can be difficult for some patients and may result in them seeking alternative options that are not as effective in their treatment. Alio Health's Treatment Administration Programs provide patients with professional nursing staff that make injection or IV infusions a simple and stress-reduced experience. Our nurses are specially trained to administer medications and educate the patient throughout the treatment phases. This leads to more patients adhering to their prescribed treatment.

Customized Solutions

Alio Health works with clients to design comprehensive customized patient programs that connect all parties through a targeted approach, that delivers the simplest and most cost-effective structure.